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RNA High-purity Total RNA Rapid Extraction Kit


RNA High-purity Total RNA Rapid Extraction Kit(Spin-column)

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     RP1202          50       $ 225

The RNA procedure represents a well-established technology for RNA purification. This technology applies the selective binding properties of a silica membrane with the speed of microspin technology. A specialized high-salt buffer system allows up to 100 μg of RNA longer than 200 bases to bind to the RNA specify silica membrane.
Biological samples are first lysed and homogenized in the presence of a highly denaturing guanidine-thiocyanate containing buffer, which immediately inactivates RNases to ensure intact RNA. Ethanol is added to provide appropriate binding conditions, and the sample is then applied to an Mini spin-column, where the total RNA binds to the membrane and contaminants are efficiently washed away. High-quality RNA is then eluted in RNase-free water.

◆ Stability, comparable RNA yield with high quality absorbing membrane.
◆ High-purity, specifically membrane absorption and washing for removing protein and other debris.
         Liver and spleen, 6-10 ug
         Kidney, 3-4 ug
         Skeletal muscles and brain, 1-1.5 ug
         Placenta, 1-4 ug
         Epithelial cells (1 x 106 cultured cells), 8-15 ug
         Fibroblasts, (1 x106 cultured cells) 5-7 ug
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